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Posted by Sevenar on Oct 27, 2005 - 08:23 PM

Had a good conversation with Justin R. Durban, or "Edgen" as he's better known. In case you've been surfing under a rock, he's the composer/artist who graciously allows us to use his spectacular music in SvF, and we've been doing so since Episode 6.

He gave me a link to one of his newest Halo pieces and said I could pass it along, so here it is: <em> Halo: The Spartans by Edgen</em> [1]

I'll be posting a permanent link to his website, but if you want to see where we get all the musical goodness, go check out <em> Edgen Animations</em> [2]

And stay tuned for further interesting developments in the months to come...

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  [1] http://files3.bungie.org/edgen_halo_the_spartans.mp3
  [2] http://www.edgen.com